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    I am always curious in knowing Devil’s priority lists.
    I realized that the most prioritized job of devil is to keep people away from “Jesus Christ”. Recently I attended a pentecostal church meeting 3 pastors delivered 3 different messages in the same meeting, but none was mentioning even the name of Jesus Christ. They preached about Jabesh, David, Kaleb’s daughter aksa…That is deadly.
    Devil is not against preaching on How to get blessings- but he is against preaching about Christ or even using the name of Jesus Christ in church meeting.
    Our song writers, preachers are hijacked by devil to exclude his name from the messages and songs. He tries his best to turn our churches to synagogues. You preach about Jabbesh, Aksa, David, Daniel, Abraham – but do not preach about Christ, do not use that name in messages- that is his main goal.
    We re going to church for what? To get blessings ? No.. But
    1) To thank God for the eternal redemption plan he made thru his Son Jesus Christ who died for us on the cross.
    2) To Worship and adore him like that sinful women washed his feet with her tears,
    3) To hear from Jesus like Mary sat at his feet.
    I don’t need any blessings excluding Jesus Christ. Because he is the greatest blessing God has given to us. Thank you Saju Mathew for your messages. Our people need to get Christ as revealed… not as information.

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    Very true brother……the majority is just running after blessing,, not JESUS….

    For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3.

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    Hello Pastor, Your teaching’s are great, In this lesson you told that Adam was born of spirit like Jesus was born of spirit, So if Adam had born of spirit why could not he be away from sin (external sin) like Jesus , as Jesus had been tempted by satan many times and he could be victorious over sin since he was born of spirit, So why could adam be like that since he was born of the spirit??? can you please answer me Pastor……appol adam deivathindee samsargam vittu poiyathidee Bible thelivuu ondoo…adam went away from the presence of God, so sin (from external) entered him….Is there any proof in the Bible for this pastor?

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      That’s the failure of the first Adam. Adam could have resisted sin, but he chose to be independent
      Jesus also have tempted, but he chose to be dependent on Father.
      Choice is always ours.
      When we’re born again, we are born of the spirit
      We are also tempted.
      We are not immune of sin. However we have the power to resist sin, but choice is ours,
      Adam chose to sin
      Jesus chose not to sin
      We need to choose wether to sin or not

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    Okay pastor………….


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